Welcome to .2d

.2d is the oldest* registry on the Handshake Name System (HNS)

2d domains are granted on a first-make first-serve basis. If you've made something cool that you'd like to get a .2d domain for, just DM @wheatpond on twitter and I'll assign you the name

Priority is given for new sites, but if you have an existing site you'd like to point a .2d domain at, we can do that too!

List of active .2d sites









.2d Terms of Service

.2d domains are renewed annually by sending a DM asking to renew to @wheatpond, any time between Jan 1 and 7th each calendar year.

if renewed, .2d domains are granted in perpetuity--we'll never take your domain away unless you don't renew it.

however, no guarantee of reliabilty can be made for .2d domains for now; if your domain isn't working, let us know and we'll try and fix it.

Create a Handshake site

The easiest way to throw some content up on Handshake quickly is:

  1. Make an S3 bucket with the exact name you want (e.g. "example.2d")
  2. Follow these instructions to set the bucket up for static website hosting
  3. Create a CNAME on your HNS TLD with the S3 bucket endpoint as the host, or if it's a .2d domain, we'll do this part for you

Get your own TLD

If you want to get your own TLD so you can run a registrar like this, you can see the available ones on namebase.io.


*2d is 00 days old.